Youth Fantasy Sports Website Launched

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

A local dad, Johnny Deebag, has started a new endeavor with a youth fantasy baseball website. He expects it to be a hit among travel baseball parents nationwide. When asked why he started the company he replied, “We all keep track of stats, we all play fantasy baseball, the next logical step is creating something that allows us to really up the dadom/fandom.” The website already has 10,000 visitors in a 24-hour period.

At a recent tournament, a husband and wife were heard arguing in the stands very audibly. The wife was overheard in the stands calling her husband, “one pathetic loser” after she heard him rooting for the other pitcher to strikeout their son. He shouted back, “I need one more strikeout to win the week, I need to keep my ERA down, don’t judge me!”

He says he wants to start a daily fantasy website for youth sports. Deebag stated, “This is the next big trend and we want to stay ahead of our competitors and dominate the competition, kind of like how like I dominated my fantasy baseball league last year. People thought my team was weak, but I persevered and proved everyone wrong.” He continued, “We really hope to be in sportsbooks around the Country, so dads can enjoy betting on all youth teams, not just individual players.” We wish Mr. Deebag the best with his new endeavor. What do you think about Deebags new idea?

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