Uncle Rico Gets Offered College Scholarship

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Boise Idaho-

Rico Dynamite has made a comeback. He was at a local Boise Restaurant when an armed robbery took place. He calmly stood up and threw his steak at the suspect, temporally disabling him and then form tackling the suspect on to the concrete, holding him there until the cops showed up. University of Idaho head coach was dining with his family and witnessed it all unfold. He immediately offered Uncle Rico a full scholarship.

When Dynamite was asked how he felt about the new opportunity he said, “I feel Great! I used my skills I was taught as a former stand-out on my High School Team. Back then I used to be able to throw the pigskin a quarter mile” He continued, “I look forward to juggling my education and career as the leading door-to-door plasticware salesman in the Pacific Northwest.”

The University of Idaho head coach was asked about his newest addition and he stated, “we are excited to have him! I have never seen anyone throw a steak like that, it actually had a spiral on it. With that form tackle he is poised to be a two-way player on offense and defense.” It sounds like Uncle Rico will get his shot to redeem himself. Legend has it that Uncle Rico was once able to throw a football over the mountains. We wish Uncle Rico all the best in his new endeavors.





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