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Sports Are Not Always Fair-Tom Brady and Lessons for Youth Athletes

Tom Brady grew up a San Francisco 49ers fan watching Joe Montana lead his team to championships. He has always thrived on being the underdog. His determination, patience, and belief in his own abilities are lessons every youth athlete can learn from. At the University of Michigan he worked his way up the depth chart and had an excellent Junior year. Coming back as a senior, it was almost a certainty the job was his.

In comes the highly touted QB and multi-sport athlete, Drew Henson. With outside pressures, Lloyd Carr decided to go with a 2 QB System. After a few games, Brady earned back his starting QB status. It would have been very easy for Brady to quit or give up during this unfair time, but sports aren’t always fair. His commitment to the team and character would serve him well throughout his NFL Career.

When Tom attended the combine in 2000 he was very underwhelming athletically. So much so he was drafted in the 6th round by the Patriots. Brady eventually got his opportunity when Drew Bledsoe was seriously injured. He took over the starting job and didn’t look back. With six Superbowl Championships and 9 appearances, Brady is widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time.

The focus, fortitude, determination, and belief in himself are all lessons kids can glean from Brady’s perseverance. Brady had a belief in himself even when others didn’t. These traits are what separates good athletes, from great athletes. Advice to young athletes-When you get your chance, let your presence be known and just like Tom Brady, leave no doubt.


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