Indentured Sports Parents

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

A Florida Business owner, Damon Shyster, is a travel baseball/softball organization owner and former Little League All-Star. He had a light bulb go off while working on his house recently. He thought to himself, “I have access to several moms and dads that could be used as cheap labor for their athlete’s baseball and softball debts”. The dext day he started Travel Sports Indentured LLC.

He now has a variety of moms and dads working off their debts as handymen, maids, masseurs, drivers, and laborers. While getting his feet rubbed and fed grapes by his new workers, he was asked about his venture. He explained, “I am just trying to better the community by offering parents more payment options.” He continued “we get these kids ready for college so they can save 25% on their tuition, they will only have to pay $75,000 for an education instead of $100,000. That’s a huge difference”.

We interviewed Paul Naive, an indentured “worker” and he stated, “I needed to find a way to pay for Jimmy’s expenses like hotel stays, $3000 fees, Cooperstown trip, and $400 bats, so this was the perfect gig.” He added, “Mr. Shyster is really nice and swears I will not have to work more than 7 years for the debt to be completely paid” What are your thoughts on Shyster's newest endeavor?

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