Local Organization Signs 10 Year Old To Multi-Year Contract

A local travel baseball team, the Columbus Sharts just signed 10-year old Timmy Snawtnose

to a multi-year contract. In his contract, all fees were waived, travel expenses were paid, and he is set to receive a year of free pizza and ice cream from the team.

His dad, Tom Snawtnose, who is starting a youth sports management agency, helped negotiate the contract. He said he is grateful the process didn’t need to go to arbitration. The Sharts coach, Jeff Winitalcost, was asked why he wanted the player so badly and he replied, “we want to win it all next year”. When probed on what he would like to win specifically, he stated,“ There are about 60 national championships nationwide, if we enter enough of them, there is a good chance we take one down".

Tommy was asked why his son was such an asset and he stated with excitement, “Last year Johnny had 11 inside the parks homeruns and batted .649”. Youth Sports Tribune looked into these stats more and it was found that 10 of his homers were on bunts, the other a passed ball. Somewhat of a head-scratcher it was discovered his dad was an administrator on GameChanger and they also played a few coach pitch teams.

We wonder if this trend of negotiating contracts for youth athletes will continue and what will be offered to accrue the next 10-year old superstar.


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