Joe Dinger's Humorous Take on Older Kids in Little League

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

The Post Was From Joe Dinger of the Dingerville Times.

WILLIAMSPORT, PA--This year's Little League World Series has been a show for the books thus far, and it's just getting crazier. A few years after Big Al swagged his way onto Jimmy Kimmel's late night show and into Americans' hearts, Spain's Ronald Viscaino has just announced that he will have to miss his team's last game for the birth of his fourth child.

"It's just my duty as a man...I mean boy," explained Ronald, who stands 6'1" and 248lbs at just twelve years old. "My wife...I mean girlfriend...I mean crush needs me there for support."

The "eighth grader" has drawn a ton of attention this week, as he is easily the biggest "kid" on the field. Prior to this week, Vizcaino was relatively unknown but now has scholarship offers from Alabama, North Carolina, and UCLA for not only baseball, but football and basketball as well.

"We just want him to pursue his dreams, whether that's playing sports or doubling for Duane Johnson," said Vizcaino's mother, who has suffered back problems ever since Ronald's birth.

Vizcaino's presence in the LLWS is raising eyebrows, especially since Little League Baseball changed the age limit this past season, a move that was supposed to even the playing field a bit more. But this soon-to-be-father of four somehow slipped through the oversized cracks.

When asked whether Little League quadruple checked Vizcaino's birth certificate, a representative of Little League assured us that his forgery was legit, and he was clear to play. We're hoping his team can give Vizcaino's newborn the birthday gift of a LLWS win.

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