Flashbacks From 1999 at the Ball Field

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

A local 9u baseball mom, Trinity Hoochie, had a little too much to drink at the last tournament. She was caught twerking on the bleachers and flashing the other teams’ dads. Her husband watched in embarrassment, as the dads from the other team high-fived and took pictures. The ball park was serving alcohol and Trinity was heard saying, “Hey I deserve this for carting that kid around every day.”

Wearing her favorite daisy dukes and displaying her lower back tribal tattoo the mom stated, “I haven’t had that much fun since Spring Break in Panama City in 1999, it is fantastic that ballparks offer parents adult beverages to enjoy the games”. She continued, “I am dusting off the beer bong for the next game, so we can really have a good time!”

The son, Tommy Hoochie, was interviewed and explained, “All my friends and their dads have been wanting to hang out with me lately, I think they really appreciate all the juice boxes and cookies my mom brings to games and practices.” A recent police report revealed two dads on the team got in a fist fight over giving little Tommy a ride home, after Trinity had issues with her car. It sounds like many ballparks will be equipping the fields with beer pong tables to accommodate the new trend.

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